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Bitches smoke crack!

Everything's pretty good right now.
The weather's pretty summery. Minus the rain. I'm not aloud to wear shorts at work. Screw that.
Both my jobs are ok. They're easy. And I make my money for not doing much of anything.
My car's not sketchy anymore. Siiiick.
I got my AC put in my window. My pool's now open. And I got direct tv put in my room today.
Micheline and I have basically re-united. And every tuesday we're making it a point to go to 80's night. And not to get shitty either, to dance. Dancing is fun, + burns calories.
Exotic Tans is my new love. It's amazing. I just want to be mad cute for the summer.
Moonlights is the normal weekly eats. Wieners for $.90, hell yeah.
Friends are terrific♥. =]
So is text message love. [!!!]
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