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"What's the total, Larry?" "I don't know, $29 o'suttin'."

So, I don't write in here much. And when I have [in my past few entries], I'm sure you've noticed I've been acting maybe just a little under the weather, a little depressed, miserable even?
Well, I'm not feeling that way now, not anymore. So much shit has gone on it's ridiculous. Where to start.
I got fired from Shaws last month for using discarded coupons. I admitted to taking them, and offered to pay lost provention $50. I told the truth and offered money, and I get fired. But Nancy Brodin lies, gets shown camera footage of herself taking coupons, cries. . pays them $30 and gets the job back? And she only works 3 days a week? Bitch. Oh well. At least I was honest. And I still have to pay. Ugh.
So, I've been bumming the past new weeks not having a job, well. . . besides Mattel, in which I'm making mad money to pay off my bills. I just paid off Verizon- $500. I owe dad $650 for a new engine [but that can be paid anytime]. I owe $420 in other bills. So I'm doing alright.
I actually just had an interview at TjMaxx yesterday. I have orientation either next week or the week afterwards. So I'm happy. And I get to work with Ashley G., Brittany, and Liz! I'm amped. And I'm going to be a refunder at the service desk. w00t!

Ah yes. I can't forget. . . Doug.
Who's Doug? He's my new interest =]
I met him last month at a party, we got to talking and realized we have a good amount of things in common- we know some of the same people, like the same music, etc., AND. . . he somewhat knows my dad [through his van]. Weird huh? He's so mature and responsible, very good head on his shoulders, and works a very good job- interior wood working / designing on multi-million dollar houses. It's nuts. We like each other, but we're taking it slow and seeing where it goes, which is comforting. We see each other everyday, enjoy one anothers company. . . we're pretty much dating, without the title. He bought me my first tattoo! I got a heart on my hip, it's cute. Here's the catch- he's 26. But it doesn't bother me that he's 7 years older than me. I have cousins that are married that are 15-20 years apart. And, he has a 7 yr old son. That doesn't bother me either. I love kids. And his son is so smart. He knows me as 'Angie' and that I'm 'Dad's girlfriend' haha.
Everything's going good right now, I have nothing to complain about.
I'm actually going to a halloween party with Doug tonight. He's a hawaiian tourist, and I'm a saloon girl. Great pair, huh?
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