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And when you come to see me.

You will ride the lights alone.

26 April 1987
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Hi, I'm Angela.

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80's music, 80's night, ac/dc, acoustic guitars, adrenaline, antonio's pizza, around the fur, beer, berks, bif naked, blink182, blunts, brand new, bright eyes, bush, caress me down, chino moreno, christina aguilera, christmas, cky, clerks, clerks 2, coheed and cambria, concerts, cuddling, dancing, dane cook, deftones, denali, digital bath, dippin' dots, dorothy dandridge, driving, eisley, ellio's pizza, fiona apple, flyleaf, forever 21, friends, fun, gauges, gwen stefani, haggard, hardcore, head automaica, hellogoodbye, him, holding hands, hot pink, how high, hugs, iced coffee, imperfection, incubus, jackass, jawbreaker, jimi hendrix, joints, jones soda, kisses, kottonmouth kings, laughing, lips, liquor, looking at stars, love, lucky you, makeup, making out, marilyn monroe, maura davis, minerva, monty python, movah and shakah, movies, music, naps, neutral milk hotel, nightmare before christmas, no doubt, no ordinary love, orange county, parties, pictures, pina coladas, pink floyd, polka dots, pot, precious, rad, rainbow brite, restless, return of saturn, road trips, rock n' roll highschool, rock steady, rollercoasters, rolling around, screaming your heart out, shows, sin city, sleeping, sleepovers, spikes junkyard dogs, stars, sublime, summertime, tattoos, tgifridays, thayer street, the beach, the beatles, the faint, the killers, the oc, the postal service, the used, tough, tragic kingdoms, tsunami bomb, turquoise, unique, urban outfitters, wasted, weed, white pony, whoa, wonderful, x rated